SC to hear contempt matter against Prashant Bhushan on Mar 25

New Delhi: The Supreme Court today said it will consider on March 25 the plea for taking suo motu cognizance of contempt action against noted advocate Prashant Bhushan who was issued with a notice for allegedly casting aspersions on a senior apex court judge and previous chief justices of India.However, before a three-judge Bench headed by justice Altamas Kabir fixed the date, senior advocate Ram Jethmalani, appearing for Bhushan, said there was a danger in proceeding with contempt proceedings.

“Upholding the dignity of the court should be the first priority of the court. This proceeding will damage the dignity of the court and institution rather than restoring it,” he told the Bench also comprising justices Cyriac Joseph and HL Dattu. Senior advocate Harish Salve, who had moved the application for the Court to initiate suo motu contempt against Bhushan, wanted the Bench to relieve him of the duty of amicus curaie on the ground that several allegations have been made against him by the alleged contemnor.

Salve said that in the counter-affidavit, Bhushan has made personal allegations against him and as such he had not responded to them and was seeking the court’s permission to relieve him from the duty of amicus curaie in the matter. However, the Bench persuaded him to continue saying the personal allegations against him should not come in the way when the matter relates the dignity of an institution. “We need your assistance as it is an issue about the dignity of the institution,” the Bench said.



One thought on “SC to hear contempt matter against Prashant Bhushan on Mar 25”

  1. As far as election of MP,MLA a or to a public position is concerned it is very clear that this has become a profession, due to lucrative benefits, while having powers to legislate as per free will of the legislature’s choice and or to fulfill the wishes of the political party (always claimed as being done – for the welfare of the people, is the desire of the people, to fulfill aspirations of the people, who have elected us) and have nothing to loose which has been a plus point. As legislature in our country has no liability and also has nothing to prove themselves for their competence to hold the office of profit and serve the country in the face of people who mostly (68%) live in villages, out of them 72% people are more or less either could not understand the latches of the political parties or the hidden secrets behind their assurances who can be molded easily and in any way. Even the honorable SC is of the opinion that legislature’s statements cannot be claimed as assurances therefore, under the circumstances, maturity standard of the legislature cannot be forsaken on the ground of international standard as logical. As our country is poor, and to understand a poor’s intelligence it is necessary that legislatures has to be a poor person at first and then to contest the elections where muscle and money power rules. Under the circumstances change of age limit for the MP/ MLA elections from 25 to 21 or so have no logical, legal, moral ground in respect of maturity standards of the European or advanced country people, at least politically. As Gandhiji’s political movements, arose political awareness among the people in general, but after 1948 people were disassociated from the legal and political awareness by then legislature, only to befool the people to hold authority by any means which suited in those days and also during 19thcentury which has resulted to mass illiteracy in our country.

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