Pendency of cases will be curtailed from 15 to 3 years

Under E-Courts projects timeline has been drawn for computerisation of courts
Arbitration and Conciliation Act 1966 will be amended to make India an international hub

The Ministry of of Law and Justice embarked on a Mission Mode Programme for Delivery of Justice and Legal Reforms. Addressing a Press conference here today Minister of Law and Justice, Dr. M. Veerappa Moily said, under this umbrella, various plans to curtail the pendency in the Courts from the present 15 years to 3 years have been drawn and are at various stage of implementation. One of the programmes which has been successfully implemented in this direction is the consideration of the cases of the under trials who were not only languishing in the jail without their cases being taken up but were also straining the capacity of the jails. He said, with a Mission Mode Programme which started on 26th January to 31st July last year, cases of over 2.5 lakh under trials, out of an estimated 3 lakh under trails were decided. Sh. Moily said, the programme has not ended on 31st July but is continuing.

On this occasion a booklet containing the innovations that have been brought in during the past one and half years and vision ahead was also released. The Minister stated under the E-Courts project, computerisation of courts has been approved. Timeline has been revised to March 2012 for computerizing 12000 courts and March 2014 for the remaining 2249 courts.

Sh. Moily further stated that his Ministry wants to bring comprehensive amendments to the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1966 in order to make arbitration more popular make India as a hub of international arbitration and overcome problems due to certain judgements of Supreme Court and High Courts. In addition, the Ministry has convened national consultations at various places wherein all the stakeholders like Judges of the Supreme Court and High Courts, legal experts, advocates and representatives of the arbitration institutions.


2 thoughts on “Pendency of cases will be curtailed from 15 to 3 years

  1. The Hon’ble Law Minister Sri Veerappa Moily has to take further steps to reduce the pendency of cases at various High Courts and Apex Court
    1. Increase of Courts and appointment of Judges at High Courts.
    2. Increase infrastructure and establishment of family courts and consumer courts.
    3. Establishmnent of lower courts with respect to the increase of police stations.
    4. Advocates, who are having more than 10 years of legal pratice to be considered for the appointment of judges for fast track courts.

    5.Computarization of courts.

  2. Its good proposal for speedy disposal of cases. But to make international hub like tourism is unlikely event to happen.Contracting parties from India will have to take initatives to fix the venue in India with their counterparts so as to increase inflow of such disputes. SC and HCs have interpreted the law as exsisted. To say that problems are created by such judgements is baseless. We need to remove impressions by controlling our speech when we normally balme courts for delay. Once in a while Mr Law Minister should visit courts to see how fast matters are dispossed off especially in Higher courts.

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