State biggest land grabber, says Supreme Court

NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court on Tuesday slammed the authorities for taking advantage of the “colonial law” on land acquisition to divest farmers of their prime agricultural land benefitting the rich and paying “pittiance” to common men. The apex court said a “sinister campaign” has been launched by various state governments to take adavantage of the law against the poor people for taking away the land and giving it to builders where multiplexes, malls, posh residential complexes are developed which are beyond the reach of common men.

“Do you think judges live in fools’ paradise”? snapped a bench of Justices GS Singhvi and AK Ganguly when senior advocate PP Rao responded to a question that the residential complexes were being developed for the “needy”. “You are building hotels, malls, commercial complexes, townships where common men have no access. Does it come under the perception of public purpose for which the land have been acquired?”

The bench questioned the change by Uttar Pradesh government in land use in Greater Noida and said “this is not the plan for which the land is acquired. How different notifications came out for changing the use of land”. The sharp remarks were made by the bench during the hearing on petitions filed by Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority and real estate developers and builders, including Supertech and Amrapali, challenging the Allahabad high court order which had quashed the notifications for land acquisition in Greater Noida adjoining the national capital.



3 thoughts on “State biggest land grabber, says Supreme Court”

  1. SC must put BAN on Land acquisitions on every States land grabed for Commercial and Residential purpose. Just slamming the THICK SKIN Politicians is not the only solution by SC. This Corrupt and Looter Politicians belongs to TIHAR when they grab lands of poor farmers on the name of Development and sell it in Black Market with Builder’s nexus. SIT must be formed to investigate all LAND MAFIA POLITICIANS. Seems CHAMBAL DACOITS are active in UP and Indian Politics, hence now we don’t see Dacoits in Chambal but only in Rajya Shabha’s and Parliament. Syndicate of Scamsters, Cheaters, Looters, Sinisters, Criminals of India now are found only in one mask known as Political Leaders who are now emerging as Departmental Mafias.

  2. Land Acquistion Act needs to be relooked. It must be made participatory legislation except for exclusive use Govt Agencies. It is senceless to make person loose lands for formation of residential layouts by displacing the farmer who has to be relocated with paltry sum.

  3. The decisions and versions of the Apex Court are very strong to save the democratic principles in the country, against the sinister, fraudulant, corrupt practice of the land acquisition act of the colonial era. Perhaps the lands from the people were not grabbed so cruelly in the British regime, as presently grabbed in the democratic India, by the greedy politicians abusing their position and misusing the Act.
    In Visakhapatnam district in Andhra Pradesh, 95 house sites were grabbed by the Visakhpatnam development authority, in 2004, by wrongful application of LA Act, offering compensation @rs.21/- per square yard, when the rate was Rs.7000/- and the present rate is Rs.10,000/-. This was done against the objections of the owners, and the rejected meagre compensation was deposited by the authorities in the court and closed the case. The owners are asked to go to court for justice. No positive action to numerous appeals to the all concerned and also to the reference letters from the PM’s office and President’s peshi. The case filed by the house site owners is pending in the APHRC.

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