Call for women’s quota in judiciary

A Subramani, TNN | Jan 8, 2012, 05.22AM IST

 CHENNAI: Despite having had a woman Prime Minister and several woman chief ministers, the country is yet to have a woman attorney-general or solicitor general. Also, the Independent India has not seen a single advocate-general leading the Bar in any of its states.

This was the lament of P H Parekh, president, Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA), while speaking at a national conference of the All India Federation of Women Lawyers here on Saturday.

Wondering as to why women advocates were not getting what they genuinely deserved, Parekh called upon the big gathering of women lawyers from several states to revolt demanding reservation of at least 50% of all judicial officer posts.

Justice P Sathasivam, judge, Supreme Court, in his speech said the judiciary was performing the role of a ‘social reformer’ and pointed out that it had been taking care of problems and interests of women.

“In the context of gender justice and equality, the judiciary has attempted to venture into the critical role of a social reformer by upholding the rights of women especially the victims of subordination and suppression,” Justice Sathasivam said.

“The contribution made by the judiciary to the improvement of status of women, protection of and access to fundamental rights and provision of conditions of dignity of life can be discerned from a number of decisions delivered while interpreting laws and the Constitution,” he said.

Justice Sathasivam said the root cause of all evil practices faced by women are illiteracy, economic dependence, caste restrictions, religious prohibition, lack of leadership qualities and apathetic and callous attitude towards women. He also urged the Bar members to be conversant with new amendments and technological development.

Justice Ranjana Prakash Desai, judge, Supreme Court, referring to destruction of millions of female fetuses every year, rape, bride burning, sexual harassment at work places, physical and mental cruelty, domestic violence and denial of property rights, said the police, prosecutors and courts had failed to give relief to women though the Constitution zealously protected women. Women lawyers can make a difference in enforcement of laws relating to women and children, though they can handle all kinds of cases, she said.

Justice M Y Eqbal, chief justice, Madras high court, said women in India are empowered in real sense of the term whereas in many countries they had just got or had to fight for their right to even vote. He said he had already recommended to the state government to constitute at least one family court in each district.

“Women’s empowerment remains an enigma trapped in mystery, in spite of tall claims made by social activists and lip service of administrators,” Justice Eqbal said.



  1. Reservation is not the solution to all problems. All women who are capable should be given their due even without reservation. — Dr. S. C. Parakh.

  2. reservation reservation reservation reservation reservation reservation!!!!!!!
    i am sick of this word….
    please grant reservation to economic backward people only why based on caste or religion………..
    all the political parties had make a joke of article 14 right to equality………….where is that in case of job……….
    they need reservation for job, ,, reservation of promotion………….why donot political party give poison to all the general people in india and tell them that they have no Right to live…
    Not a single party in india is talking about general category…………
    always ST,SC,OBC it is like there is no other people exist in india……………
    just for securing their seats they are destroying the sense of brotherhood, equality………….

    one day one person asked me that even god has created inequality by making one rich and one poor……..
    i want to say this to all who think like that if they think god has created inequality why you are following……….
    Look i am just a learning person and don’t know what to say against these high quality reputed intelligent person but just like supreme court says all are equal in front of law then why did they give judgment of 50% reservation………….actually this judgment create difficulty in india……….all political parties are creating directly 50% reservation like as a matter of FUNDAMENTAL RIGHT……………
    but truly i favor reservation like those who are economic backwards they must be given support to raise themself this is all about socialist country…………but what indian political parties are doing is not enhancing socialism but showing the whole world that we the INDIANS are not equal……….but just for the sense created a atmosphere or image to show the world that we are equal………..
    i do not know whether i can ever meet rahul gandhi or sonia gandhi or the person in power and just want to ask them are they afraid of election. that is why they are created inequality ???

  3. Reservation in any profession or employment deserves no merit as a matter of principle. It breeds more disrespect even for the deserving. Reservation on gender basis is as objectionable as on other grounds of caste or religion. I wish that women lawyers raise above this temptation.

  4. stream of life … & only a woman can be be the best illustration to other women everywhere including judiciary even so reservation is required according to me …

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