2 thoughts on “BIG FIGHT DEBATE ON NDTV”

  1. Do you think LAW had ruined my life ?>>mine and my daughter life got exploited
    >> I am victim in a rape case as in now the guy is in jail from last 2months I got case registered because to teach them a lesson so that no other girl become target to them after 3years they dumped me just because I had been married once and have a daughter initially they accepted me with my daughter but now they could see society, I have all the evidence but  if my past have been bad no1 can help it .There was a case against me 7years back to survive I was keeping working girls at my place but they were involved into prostitution they staying with me police thought I was also into it the case is still on and I appear in the court my address was given and those girls vanished the other day but  as I have seen hard time in my past .I am working women and my daughter is studying we live together my main purpose is to tell you about as in now the case against a guy I am a victim and when ever there is a bail application applied for the guy and I have to listen too abusive language in a courtyard from accused side and too much of insult.
    Is it that big a crime ?is it bigger then what this guy had done with me?if it is yes then i should be thrown behind the bar why him isn’t it.
     Why dig deep into women past and bring it in front. Suppose Even if I was into prostitution, is it in law that guy is allowed to rape any prostitute? Or misuse? and ruin her life ?or is it that big a crime ?and then when she takes action against that guy why dig deep into girl past I think it is ruining my life more, the things from my past which I left far behind an even she listen to it about the past history of mine I have no1 except her the accused knew everything about me as I did not hide anything from him I never wanted to start my life with any lies he was aware of my case but now to save himself he got a chance to finger on my character I am getting downhearted , the guy family is trying to contact my friends and telling them about my past record that I was into prostitution.
    I am working and having very respected image but these people are exploiting my life more n more now I am not able to work I have stopped going out to my work place my daughter is in stress she trusts me but telling the whole world about it no1 will marry my daughter I got case registered just to teach them a lesson and making other women alert for future not to make contact with these kind of people. It is effecting my reputation, my life, my job, my daughter and her future it’s not a justice to a girl.
     I got in shock when guy and his family after 3years denied for everything ,then I got shock when the guy who was intensely in love with me and got influenced by his mother and forgot who I am, and sent behind the bar now as per my complaint, then shock again when I hear they talking dirt about me and my daughter in courtyard, then again a shock when these people got my past in front and telling each an every person from my friends to my work place that I was a prostitute 1mistake which I haven’t done and just because of bad company of friends I got stuck with them is not my fault I cant go an give my explanations to every one to prove myself clean it has more spoiled my life we stopped stepping out of our house my friends and everyone knows me in and out and they are with me but I feel it is a shame, don’t you think for women its hard to face all this in front of our kids .
     I believe using faulty words and vulgar for women and talking about her character should be stopped, in this way no other girl will take step against abusive guys or anyone and will sit home and take torture rather then going against. I lost every thing me and my daughter is going through big time mental trauma my daughter 17years old her future is ended. I was only earning member being single mother we have no male by our side my job had come to an end just because of these animals who pretend they are human .my everything got ended,  was this a justice? I was with the guy for 3years so why law allows to get her past record why not that 3years if I would have been into any ill legal things I would have  taken it but leaving that incident which I never did I was respectfully doing my job and made my name these people have made my life hell, to fight against domestic violence I am fighting with my life now.
    My purpose was to aware the girls for future protection that its not only guys who exploit us  but there are  some parents  also who can  ruin  girl life never trust anyone. But what I got in return exploitation, insult and end of my daughter and my future. If these things are happening when the guy is in jail and if he gets bail and he is out what all will happen don’t know.
    Can i get that reputation and all that what I have lost now when I go to court I have no strength to face that family who never ever could believe that I had a record excluding the guy, before they said that I never told about my daughter and not even about my past as the guy is unmarried and me sadly now single now there is a twist in the statement after my case they took it out his statement is he never promised me for marriage and she is a prostitute its killing when everything is said in front of my daughter, this is what I was waiting for is this justice? He and his family have made my life hell and totally finished who will marry my daughter if I am called a prostitute who will get us food as in now I am not working and as this guy gets bail he will ruin exploited me more they sending threats for us to withdraw the case. Can i get back what all I have lost my respect, my job, my image in front of that family who mislead me for believing and made fake promises for marriage? I wanted to show them down but I have been given a name that is WHORE this is what I got. This all is facts of my life EVERYTHING GOT ENDED.
     I was serious about this guy he was unmarried he had a courage to accept me with my past and my daughter but after 3years they cheated me used me physically, mentally and emotionally , when he approached me to be his life partner there was no banner on him for me to know that he was unmarried ,as his parents are telling people the girl took advantage of my innocent son . I have all the evidence which proves in details and when I could not take that trauma I complaint in police to save other women even my daughter could become target to these kind of cheaters but after all that, I got all the more exploited world is small who will marry my daughter in future rather then feeling guilty they exploiting me ,the way I use to go in the court with my head up knowing about my past they misused me with my case and now they got a chance to show the world that I was of bad character .This is no justice my past had turned present and future of my daughter and mine. We both had been through traumatic experience.
    I’m a passionate person about life. Whom to blame Law, my bad luck, or guy and his family they have gotten me to the point of being suicidal but the only thing that cease me is my daughter . My only sin was that I loved them respected them and been kind to them and accepted their arrogance, ignorance and attitude towards me. In return they gave me and my daughter sorrows and used me whenever they needed money they are desperate and desperate people are the most dangerous they are curse to family and others who take advantage in manipulating and ruining others life. They have bought me to death bed and that shameless family is still wid there tantrums on me and no guilt, and sending threats for us to take back the case  We both had enough of pain in the past but my present and future where is it? We are treated wrongly.
    1st>>>> unfortunately, unluckily. I am single mother but, the guy and family felt ashamed to except me after 3years.
    2nd >>>I have a child. I feel proud but, the family whom I trusted felt shame after 3years.
    3rd>>>>My past error. Which guy knew but, they took advantage to talk about my character to prove he is clean.
    What did I get why only we suffering? Or is it to break me so much that I withdraw the case.
    IS THIS JUSTICE? what do i do?
    what do i wait for?



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