The government has notified a 10-member committee to draft a Lok Pal Bill. In this context, it is useful to understand the current laws and authorities to curb corruption, and to examine the effectiveness of the current systems. In this page, we collate PRS notes and articles on these issues, as well as links to various Acts and Notifications related to corruption.
Blog: What is the Lok Pal Bill? Frequently asked questions about the Lok Pal Bill
Issue Brief: Lok Pal Bill A detailed look at the genesis, history of the Lok Pal and recommendations made by various committees
Vital Stats: Corruption Cases Against Government Officials Some facts and figures about corruption cases against public officials
Primer: How to Engage with Policymakers A detailed how to guide about how can an individual engage with the law making process
Issue Brief: PRS Note of Corruption Laws in India A look at the Laws and Process presently in place to investigate and prosecute corrupt public officials.
Timeline of the Lok Pal Bill A brief history of the Lok Pal Bill since 1963.
DraftLokpalBill2011.pdf  Draft Lokpal Bill 2011 Draft of Lok Pal Bill prepared by representatives of Government (as on 21/06/2011)
DraftJanLokpalBill.pdf  Draft Jan Lokpal Bill 2011 Draft of Lok Pal Bill prepared by nominees of civil society (as on 21/06/2011)
State Lokayukta Acts
Earlier Lok Pal Bills
 Part_I_08_Bill_2001_English.pdf  The Lokpal Bill, 2001  
 Part_I_07_Bill_1998_English.pdf  The Lokpal Bill, 1998 
 Part_I_06_Bill_1996_English.pdf  The Lokpal Bill, 1996
 Part_I_05_Bill_1989_English.pdf  The Lokpal Bill, 1989
 Part_I_04_Bill_1985_English.pdf  The Lokpal Bill, 1985
 Part_I_03_Bill_1977_English.pdf  The Lokpal Bill, 1977
 Part_I_02_Bill_1971_English.pdf  The Lokpal and Lokayuktas Bill, 1971
 Part_I_01_Bill_1968_English.pdf  The Lokpal and Lokayuktas Bill,  1968
Standing Committee Reports
SC Report 2001 Lokpal.pdf  The Lokpal Bill, 2001
SC Report 1998 Lokpal.pdf  The Lokpal Bill 1998
SC Report 1996 Lokpal.pdf  The Lokpal Bill, 1996


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