Supreme Court of India

Database last updated: 22 November 2009
Most recent decision: 17 June 2009
Number of decisions: 26250

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This database contains decisions of the Supreme Court of India from 1950 onwards. It includes headnotes for the period 1950-1993. The data is based on the Supreme Court of India database as published by the Court’s Justice Information System JUDIS.


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  1. Sorry Sir, one more question please your answer reply the E-mail address tag in the which is the judgements with order
    1) Purchase of Agricultural undivided land property who is preparation of first pre-emption(purchase) supreme court of India order with judgement and description act ?

  2. memorendum of understanding done between two parties for exchange of land now the one party not performiong his part wether this document required to be registered

  3. I am a law graduate, and after going through this website, I with full confidence can say this website is very fuitfull and knowledge exploring.

  4. civil suit is pending before the lower court between the different parties and other side one of the party filed an application before SDM u/s 144 Cr.P.C. and the same has been converted into u/s 145 Cr.P.C. for breach of peace over part land of which in the civil suit and also in other land, can both run parallel, pls. comments

  5. Dear sir kindly let me informed about any supreme court judgement regarding ” a medically ill employee suffering from a serious ailment should not be transferred from a place where medical college is situated to a place where no medical facility available.”

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